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perpetual war


Almost four decades have passed since Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs. According to United Nations figures, drug trafficking now accounts for 7% of global trade.

In the coca and poppy growing areas of Colombia and Afghanistan, the war on drugs is fought with military support.

In Colombia, the United States endeavors to dry up the drug supply. Under Plan Colombia vast areas of coca and poppy fields are sprayed with glyphosate in order to eradicate these plants.

In the USA, more than $50 billion is spent on the war on drugs each year. Every year 1.8 million people are arrested for drug law violations. Today, the U.S. is running the largest prison system on the planet.

The spearhead in the war on drugs is the U.S. police force, DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). The DEA was founded under President Richard Nixon to fight the war on drugs. The DEA is now a police force that is active worldwide, with offices in 62 countries. This U.S. government agency coordinates the antidrug activities of many national police units.







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